The EMPRESS - God of all flowers

The Empress is the Ultimate Rose to give.  I says a lot of things. It is the Power Rose, the Rose for soulmate, it is the Rose of Romance and such deserves the Bling.  This the Rose you give when you really care for a person with undying love. The Empress is for your Queen.

The Empress Rose is a naturally grown real Rose from a garden in Africa. It has been prepared in Japan with loving care to ensure it stays fresh looking for more than a year. It requires no water or sunlight. The final touch for this Beautiful Empress Rose was the addition of Natural Diamond Dust and Genuine Crystal to give this Empress the Bling to give its divine charasterisitcs to say "Look at Me, I Love You, with this Rose I give you my Sincere Undying Love Forever".  This is why the Empress Rose still remains and is considered, the "God of all Flowers".