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Our name, Moda Flora, is Italian and translates to “Vogue Flowers”. Our products are “Fiori de Amore”, which means “Flowers of Love”.

At Moda Flora we produce high-end preserved flower arrangements for your special occasion, using only premium preserved flowers.

What are Moda Flora preserved flowers?
Moda Flora preserved flowers are naturally grown in deep, rich soil, specifically for the purpose to be preserved. Each flower arrangement is handcrafted using a preservation technique known by only a few. This special technique ensures that the flower retains its original look, its freshness, bright colour and beauty for over twelve months without requiring any water or sunlight.

Typically, fresh flowers that are placed in water have a life-span of only a few days. If you love to enhance your interior decoration with flowers, this can get very expensive as the flowers have to be replaced frequently and their value is lost within a few days.

Our motto at Moda Flora is “Beyond the Best” as it is our goal to deliver the world’s most premium preserved flowers to our valued customers. The pride of Moda Flora is our team of dedicated and professional florists and designers that are truly passionate about crafting the most beautiful preserved flower arrangements.
Our customers across the world know that when they purchase Moda Flora products, they purchase quality and perfection not seen elsewhere.
At Moda Flora, we manufacture our own speciality range of preserved flowers in-house. We also import preserved flowers from various countries, including Japan, Kenya, Colombia and Ecuador, to allow us to provide a large variety of exotic arrangements.

Every product sold by Moda Flora is handcrafted and unique for you, or for a gift to someone you love or care about. Everyone at some time in their life deserves the best.

Send your love, passion and happiness to a special someone by giving them the gift of prestige preserved flowers that last months or even years. Giving flowers is unlike giving anything else. The special meaning of flowers given to you or those enchanted bouquets you used as table arrangements on your special day will be a long-lasting memory. Every time you see those flowers, they will make you look back and think, “That was the Best, thank you Moda Flora, Fiori de Amore!".
We are here to serve our unique and individually hand-crafted preserved products to create everlasting memories with everlasting flowers!