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Preserved Flower Care


Moda Flora preserved flowers are naturally grown in deep, rich soil, specifically for the purpose to be preserved. Each flower arrangement is handcrafted using a preservation technique known by only a few. This special technique ensures that the flower retains its original look, its freshness, bright colour and beauty for over twelve months without requiring any water or sunlight.

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (may cause decolourisation).
  • No watering required, avoid prolonged exposure to high humidity (may cause petal to become transparent).
  • Avoid touching, crushing, pressing or folding the foliage, petals or flower (may cause damage).
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to a heater (may cause cracks on the product).
  • Avoid direct contact with walls, clothing and textiles (may cause stains).
  • Please use the "cool air" function of your hair-dryer to gently blow off any dust on the product.
  • Only for indoor use.
  • Do not consume the product.
  • This product is flammable.
  • This product will last for a minimum of 1 year. If well-kept, it may last for over 3 years.