MODA FLORA signature Floral Pins are made of preserved flowers and foliages, with our special technique make it into ready to use hair pins. Best companion for make up artist and bride on your important day. 

MODA FLORA Floral Pins getting more and more popular in Wedding Make Up Artist Community. We provide top quality preserved flowers and foliages for you to create your masterpieces for your clients. 

With MODA FLORA Floral Pins, you are definitely getting the best for your possibly can. WE provide over 500+ preserved flowers and foliage at your fingertips for your selection. 

Each Floral Pins box are fully customisable into your own combination.




Baby Rose HKD80/Pin

Garden Rose / Gardenia/ Mini Rose HKD160/pin

Greenery HKD$50/Pin

Hydrangea HKD$50/Pin



The following package only available to be purchase at MODA FLORA SHOP @ 235 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 

A. Mini Box 8 Pins  - 5% Off

(Baby Rose HKD76/Pin, Garden Rose / Gardenia/ Mini Rose HKD152/pin, Greenery HKD$47.5/Pin, Hydrangea HKD$47.5/Pin)

Box Dimension: 

B. Standard Box 15 pins - 20% Off

(Baby Rose HKD64/Pin, Garden Rose / Gardenia/ Mini Rose HKD128/pin, Greenery HKD$40/Pin, Hydrangea HKD$40/Pin)

Box Dimension: 

C. Half Box 80 pins up - 30%Free Gift: 1 Complimentary Empty Standard Box off

(Baby Rose HKD56/Pin, Garden Rose / Gardenia/ Mini Rose HKD112/pin, Greenery HKD$35/Pin, Hydrangea HKD$35/Pin)

Box Dimension: 


D. Full Box 160 pins up - 40% off

(Baby Rose HKD48/Pin, Garden Rose / Gardenia/ Mini Rose HKD96/pin, Greenery HKD$30/Pin, Hydrangea HKD$30/Pin)

Box Dimension: 

You may choose 2 x Half box packing in this option.

Free Gift: 2 Complimentary Empty Standard Box





 If you would like to customise your box, please schedule an appointment in advance.



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