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Purple Fortune (3/4/5/6/8/9/10 stems)

Sale priceHK$1,280.00


  • Fresh Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Price included vase. Vase shape and colour may varied depends stems.
    • 3 Stems $1280
    • 4 Stems $1580
    • 5 Stems $1980
    • 6 Stems $2280
    • 8 Stems $3080
    • 9 Stems $3580
    • 10 Stems $3980
  • This product includes one laser cut tag in Chinese new year greetings (as shown), other tag options are available. See below:
    • 花開富貴 (May prosperity blossom)
    • 生意興隆 (Wish your business success)
    • 身體健康 (Wish you good health)
    • 心想事成 (May all your wishes come true)
    • 萬事如意 (Hope everything goes your way)
    • 龍馬精神 (May you be as energetic as Dragon and a horse)
    • 財源廣進 (May a river of gold flow into your pocket)
    • 大吉大利 (Good fortune)
    • 恭喜發財 (May prosperity be with you)
  • Please Note: Orchids may vary slightly in shape and size, so as a results, some actual arrangement sizes may vary slightly from the photo.
  • Important to note:  To give an approximate size of the arrangements in the photographs, note that all photographs taken of the arrangements were placed on a 40 cm round marble top table. This is just for reference  and for scale purposes.  Photo’s of the arrangements are for reference only.
  • Please allow 2 days for production time. All arrangements are freshly made by our design team. Perfection takes time.
  • Optional complimentary greeting card is available.


  • Please water the roots when it begins to dry out, usually every 7 to 10 days. 
  • DO NOT spray water on the preserved and dry flower decorations that may be included in our arrangement.
  • Shady and bright light is the best for Orchid, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Best temperature range from 16 to 24 degree Celsius.
  • The best is to keep indoors.